Monday, June 27, 2011

True Blood Nails

Yesterday was the season 4 premiere of True Blood on HBO! I had nothing to do in my wait for the show to start so I decided to plat with nail polish lol! Sometimes when I'm just doing nail art for fun I do both hands different so today  have two designs to show you!

On my right hand I did a design that I remember seeing around Halloween about a year ago. It was by MissChievous. I did mine a little different and think they came out pretty cute.  

Sabrina's Nail Blog True Blood Vampire Fang Nails

What I Used:
Base: Goth by Orly
Teeth: White by Claires
Blood: Malaga Wine by OPI
mixed with Sooki by Zoya (heehee Sooki!)

For the left hand I did a dripping blood mani! My mom really liked this one! This one was super easy to do and gave me an idea for a mini mani series I might do :)

Sabrina's Nail Blog vampire dripping blood Nails

What I Used:
Base: White on White by China Glaze
Blood: A mix of Sooki by Zoya
Malaga Wine by OPI
Red Sparkle by Milani

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 24th birthday! I decided to do this nail design last night and I really like how it turned out. It's fun and cute. I wasn't too sure of what to put on each nail so I just did them as I went along. On the thumb is a cupcake. The index and pinky are ballons. I put a glittery 24 of the middle and a slice of cake on the ring finger. I'm really happy with how they turned out! :)

birthday nails

What I used:
Thumb: Base is Lemon Fizz by China Glaze
Colors for cupcake are Pink Blink by Sally Hansen
Bikini Pink by Kiss
Gum Drop by Revlon
Phat Santa by China Glaze
Index and Pinky: base colors are White on White by China Glaze
and a light blue by Cosmetic Arts
colors for balloons are black by Icing
Frenzy by Hard Candy
Heliyum, Papaya Punch, and Flying Dragon by China Glaze
Puccilicious and Warhol by Color Club
Need Sunglasses and Goin' ape-ricot by OPI
Middle: Base color is Lemon Fizz 
Numbers in Absolutely Alice and Show It and Glow It by OPI
Ring: Base is Gum Drop
Colors for cake are White by Icing
Lemon Fizz
Bikini Pink
Need Sunglasses
Mall Queen Mauve by Nicole

This is another design I did a few days before. I also really like this one. Its fun too but not as busy as the design above.
birthday nails

What I Used:
Ring & Middle: base is For Audrey by China Glaze
Numbers are in Mad As a Hatter by OPI
Thumb, Index, & Pinky: base is Hyper/Relaxed by Claires
dots are Frenzy by Hard Candy 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girly Star Konad

My aunt visited today and I painted her nails in a light pink with some glitter. My mom and her were looking through my stamping plates and she decided on some starts in white. Its a very light and girly look that isn't too noticeable so it's a cute design she can wear to work.

star girly Nails konad

Base color is Hannah Pinktana by Wet 'n Wild
Stars are in White Konad polish
stamped with plate BM21 from Bundle Monster

Here is a picture of a stamp mani I did a while ago and forgot to post. I love matte nail polish! I bought Zoya Phoebe, from the Mod Mattes, and wanted to try it out with some stamping. This is what I decided to do :)

Zoya Phoebe Bundle Monster

Phoebe by Zoya
White Konad polish
Bundle Monster plate BM 208

Friday, June 17, 2011

Silver Shatter

I've had OPI Silver shatter for a while now and finally got around to using it. I don't like how it looks over light colors but I think it looks great over really bright colors and dark polish too. For this mani I decided to use a neon pink as the base and it turned out really cute.
(theres some tip wear cause I forgot to take the picture when the mani still looked new)

OPI Silver Shatter Color Club Poptastic
Base color is Poptastic Color Club
with Silver Shatter OPI over it

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nail Fails

This post is a few of my nail fails. These designs started out as blog posts but didn't make the cut.  Sometimes what I think will be a nice design doesn't turn out the way I imagined. Some are sloppy, smudged or just bad color choices.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Nail Fails
This mani was supposed to be a Valentine's design but I ended up hating it.
I had to use about 4 coats of the pale pink base color and it just got too sloppy.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Nail Fails
For this mani I really thought It would look nice but the base color ended up looking dark blue on me.
I was also excited to try out the Milani chunky gold glitter but didn't like it here.
I also found out the glitter took forever to remove!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Nail Fails
I was going to use this as a St. Patrick's Day post but being impatient I smudged the dark
green color into the light green. It's still nice but maybe a little bit too matte.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Nail Fails
This would have been a really cute mani if I would have left it alone.
I messed it up by trying to put purple crackle over teal crackle.
It didn't work out.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Nail Fails
I still really like this mani even if it was a bit sloppy and smeared.
This also started out as a post inspired by the My Chemical Romance
Planetary (Go!) music video. When I was done I just thought it was too sloppy to post.

If you would like the name of any of the colors used feel free to ask :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Papaya Punch

Here's a quick and colorful mani I did the other day :) I don't normally like orange but the new bright creme orange in the China Glaze Island Escape collection is very pretty. I decided to add pink crackle and it ended up looking kinda like tropical punch! I really liked how they looked together!

China Glaze Papaya Punch Broken Hearted

Base Color: Papaya Punch China Glaze
Crackle: Broken Hearted China Glaze