Thursday, May 29, 2014

Textured Rainbow Nails

Hello! For today's post I wanted to do another rainbow gradient like the Holographic Neon Rainbow nails I did a few weeks ago. I had some textured polishes out and just decided to do a textured rainbow gradient!
I just painted the colors for each nail onto a piece of triangle sponge and applied it to my nail. I went over each nail 3 times and I was done :)

Sabrina's Nail Blog Textured Rainbow Gradient Nails

It's one of the easiest gradients I've done! It took maybe about 30 minutes for both hands. The clean up was quick too. I always find it's much easier to clean up textured polishes than it is with normal polish. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Textured Rainbow Gradient Nails

I really liked how these nails turned out! While editing the pictures I was thinking that they would have looked cute with some stamping too. Maybe I'll redo them and try that out someday! 

Thanks for checking out this post! 

What I Used:
Red: Itty, Bitty & Gritty by China Glaze
Orange: Toe-tally Textured by China Glaze
Yellow: Yellow Mark by Milani
Green: In The Rough by China Glaze
Blue: Of Coarse! by China Glaze
Purple: Purple Streak by Milani

Friday, May 23, 2014

Lizzie McGuire Nails

Hi Hi!! I'm really excited to share today's post with you! If you ever the Disney Channel in the early 2000's then I hope you'll like these nails!! I used to love watching the Disney Channel because one of my favorite shows was Lizzie McGuire. It was just a fun show with a cute cartoon Lizzie.

(Cartoon Lizzie image found on google)

I knew when I planned these nails that I wanted to try and paint cartoon Lizzie's face. The polish I used for her face looks almost white in the pictures but it just wouldn't photograph correctly :/

Sabrina's Nail Blog Lizzie McGuire Nails

On the remaining nails I used some colorful textured polishes to paint on a little scalloped design. I felt like all the bright colors just fit with Lizzie's fun and quirky outfits on the show. I really like these nails! I'm so happy with how they turned out :)

Sabrina's Nail Blog Lizzie McGuire Nails

I hope you liked these Lizzie McGuire nails as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you check back soon!

What I Used:
Skin: Milky Way by Lime Crime
Yellow: I Just Can't Cope-acabana by OPI
White: Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
Black: Black on Black by Sinful Colors
Pink: Sugar High by China Glaze
         Hey Baby by OPI
Green: In the Rough by China Glaze
Blue: Of Coarse! by China Glaze
Pink: Bump & Grind by China Glaze
Yellow: Yellow Mark by Milani
Pink: Bump & Grind by China Glaze
Purple: Purple Streak by Milani
Blue: Of Coarse! by China Glaze
Orange: Toe-tally Textured by China Glaze
Green: In the Rough by China Glaze

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Distressed Nails

Hello! I have a quick and easy post for you today inspired by one of my favorite nail art blogs, Chalkboard Nails. I love all the beautiful and creative looks that Sarah comes up with and I wanted to try out one of my favorites! It's a distressed nail look and I love how cool and grungy it looks. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog distressed dry brush nails

I originally saw it on her instagram and then looked it up on her site. She has a tutorial of how to get the whole distressed look here by using a dry brush method. I love that its super easy to do and can be changed up to whatever colors you like! I really love it! 

What I Used:
Teal: Malibu Green by American Apparel
Yellow: Happy Go Lucky by China Glaze
Pink: Wicked Style by China Glaze
Black: Liquid Leather by China Glaze

Friday, May 9, 2014

Holographic Neon Rainbow Nails

Hello!! I have a bright and colorful design to show you today! I was looking around on instagram a while back and came across a holo topcoat called Ectoplasm by Chirality Polish and I just had to have it. I placed my order and it was here by the end of the week :)
Once I got it I knew I wanted to try it over a neon polish. I couldn't pick just one so I decided to do a neon rainbow gradient!!!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Holographic Neon Rainbow Gradient

I painted each nail with one coat of the lightest color that I planned to sponge on the nail. I painted two polishes on a makeup sponge side by side and sponged them onto the nail. I did that on each nail about 4 times and let it dry for a bit. The last step was painting on one coat of Ectoplasm by Chirality Polish.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Holographic Neon Rainbow Gradient

 I didn't think to get a picture of the gradient before I added the holo topcoat but it looked very pretty. Adding Ectoplasm over it just made it way better!! It just pulled everything together for me and I loved how it looked over all the colors. It didn't change any of the colors and it wasn't overpowering at all. It just made everything look way more awesome!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Holographic Neon Rainbow Gradient
Indoor with Light

Ectoplasm is the second polish I own from Chirality Polish and it's just as beautiful as Soska! I also ordered another polish that I can't wait to try out and I'm sure I'll love it just as much. I really think everyone should check Chirality Polish out!
I hope you enjoyed this post and liked these fun bright nails :)

What I Used:
Pink: Beach Cruiser by Orly
Orange: Neon Orange by American Apparel
             Neon Coral by American Apparel
Yellow: Neon Yellow by American Apparel
             Sun-Kissed by China Glaze
Green: Bad Apple by War Paint
           I'm With The Lifeguard by China Glaze
 Blue: Neon Blue by American Apparel
          Towel Boy Toy by China Glaze
Purple: Neon Purple by American Apparel
Holographic: Ectoplasm by Chirality Polish

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Glowing Stripes

Hi hi!! I bought some new Serum No. 5 glow polishes and couldn't wait to try them out!
 I decided to use 2 of my new colors and do something simple. I originally just wanted to paint my nails with the pretty, pastel Blue Blazes. I painted on two coats and then while I was waiting for it to dry I decided to paint on some of my random stripes. Instead of doing it in normal polish I used another one of my new glow polishes called Lights Out, a black creme. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glow-in-the-dark Stripes

Together they looked great. I was just feeling like a simple design kind of day and since I was just trying out the new polishes I didn't want to do too much. The best part of glow-in-the-dark polishes is always turning out the lights and seeing them glow!

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glow-in-the-dark Stripes

Blue Blazes has an aqua blue glow and Lights Out has a blueish purple glow. The glow of Blue Blazes was so bright that my camera would not cooperate :/ but you can still kind of see Lights out glowing. I did eventually end up getting one good picture! It wasn't too blurry which is good but it didn't catch Lights Out that great. Oh well, I'm still happy with the outcome in sunlight and dark! 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Glow-in-the-dark Stripes

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 

What I Used:
Base: Blue Blazes by Serum No. 5
Stripes: Lights Out by Serum No. 5