Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finger Paints: Poolside Paradise Water Marble and Gradient

Hello! A few days ago I bought some new polishes and decided to do some nail art with them! I saw the Finger Paints Poolside Paradise collection at Sally Beauty Supply and loved all six of the shimmery polishes! So naturally, I bought the whole set! I couldn't help it!!! They're bright without being neon and the shimmer is just gorgeous! How could I just leave them there?! 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Finger Paints Poolside Paradise Collection water marble gradient

The first thing I wanted to do with them was a water marble. Luckily they worked good in the water. I used all six colors to marble on three nails and did a sponge gradient on the other two nails. For the gradient I used three of the six colors for each nail. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Finger Paints Poolside Paradise Collection water marble gradient

I really love these polishes! the colors are just so beautiful! I can't wait do do more nail art with them or just wear them alone. If you happen to see this collection and love shimmer then I'd really recommend it!! 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

What I Used:
Base: Purity by Zoya
Red: Be My Baby by Finger Paints
Orange: Aloha Lei! by Finger Paints
Yellow: Hula Aruba! by Finger Paints
Green: Margarita Mambo by Finger Paints
Blue: Surf's Up! by Finger Paints
Purple: Wild Bikini by Finger Paints

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Finger Paints: Enchanted Mermaid Collection Review and Nail Look

Hello! Today I have a review and a nail look to share with you!
While at Sally's Beauty Supply yesterday a new Finger Paints display caught my eye. It was for a small 4 polish collection called Enchanted Mermaid. All 4 colors were pretty but I was about to pass them up until I read that they were textured! I still really love textured polish so grabbed the 2 that I liked the most and was on my way! 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Finger Paints Enchanted Mermaid collection Tails of Love & Sea Temptress

The first color that caught my eye was Sea Temptress, an opalescent white. The second color was Tails of Love which is a metallic-y teal. I couldn't wait to try them out and was surprised when I saw that the texture wasn't the usual texture that I've come to expect. Instead of little grains of sand the texture in these polishes are little hexagonal pieces. It's different and a bit rougher than a sandy texture but I really don't mind it. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Finger Paints Enchanted Mermaid collection Tails of Love & Sea Temptress
(Here's a close up of one nail so you can see the texture better)

I like that it's something new and it really goes with the mermaid theme (they look and  feel ocean-y if that makes sense). I really love both colors and only used 2 coats of each. As most textured polishes do, these dried pretty fast. I also noticed that the colors didn't get dull as they dried, they still have a bit of a shine to them. They were easy to apply too. Overall I'd say they're great. If you're not tired of textured polishes yet or want to try out a new texture then the Enchanted Mermaid collection might be something you'd like to check out. 

Sabrina's Nail Blog Finger Paints Enchanted Mermaid collection Tails of Love & Sea Temptress

While I was painting my nails I wanted to try on both colors so I painted two accent nails of Sea Temptress and they really reminded me of pearls next to the teal nails. Then I got the idea to see if I had an ocean themed stamping plate. Once I found one with little shells and starfishes, I used a white polish to stamp over the teal nails and left the pearly nails alone. The stamping was just something quick and fun to try out and I really ended up liking it! :)
 I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for stopping by!

What I Used:
Teal: Tails of Love by Finger Paints
Pearl: Sea Temptress by Finger Paints
Plate: CH38 by Cheeky
Stamp: White by Konad

Friday, July 11, 2014

Chrome Water Marble

Hello :)! While at the store that other day I saw that Sally Hansen had released chrome polishes called Color Foils. I love chrome polishes so I picked up 3. I didn't have a plan for them at the time but just yesterday I decided to see if I could water marble with them. 
I used a black polish as my base for the marble. I then went about the usual water marble steps.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Metallic Chrome Water Marble Nails
The black base gave the marble a dark tint. I imagine that a white or silver base would brighten the look. Either way these nails were super hard to photograph. The shiny finish just reflected everything and made my camera go crazy! I the two photos I picked for this post were the best I could get. They look so much better in person, I wish the photos would have turned out better.

Sabrina's Nail Blog Metallic Chrome Water Marble Nails

Thanks for stopping by and please check back soon for more posts!

What I Used:
Base: Black on Black by Sinful Colors
Silver: Sterling Silver by Sally Hansen
Pink: Titanium Flash by Sally Hansen
Purple: leaden Lilac by Sally Hansen

Friday, July 4, 2014

Textured 4th of July Nails

Happy 4th of July!! 
Hello! I did some quick 4th of July nails for today! I wasn't sure if I'd have time to do them but last night I decided to do something easy that wouldn't take a lot of time.
I did a red, white, and blue sponge gradient with textured polishes and did 2 accent nails of a matte glitter! It was the easiest nail art I could think of besides just painting my nails a solid color lol! I had bought the matte glitter for 4th of July nails that I didn't get to try out but I still decided to use it for these nails anyway.

Sabrina's Nail Blog textured 4th of july nails

I did these nails in about 40 minutes! I painted the textured polishes onto a sponge and dabbed them on and then painted on the glitter. I did 3 coats for all nails. Luckily, the glitter dried as fast as the textured polishes and all I had to do was clean up and add topcoat to the glitter. I really liked how they ended up especially since I did them so fast!

Sabrina's Nail Blog textured 4th of july nails

Thank you so much for checking out this post!
I hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July if you celebrate or a great day if you don't! :)
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

What I Used:
Red: Chyna by Zoya
White: Sugar Fix by Sally Hansen 
Blue: Liberty by Zoya
Matte Glitter: Boom Boom Boom by Salon Perfect